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Pastor Scott Vincent

Pastor Scott grew up in Seattle in an area known as Ballard, about ten minutes from downtown Seattle. There he was raised along with three brothers by his mother, as his father had left when he was only 3-years-old. A hard working mother, she raised the boys on her own with great love and dedication, relying on them to help around the house, cook meals, and even earn money to buy their own school clothes and supplies. This was something each of the boys did by first delivering newspapers, then working in local restaurants washing dishes, and warehouse work. Pastor Scott, in the 9th grade, worked as a backup cook in a Seattle restaurant which had the largest kitchen at the time; maybe that’s why he’s one of the best sources to ask where to go for a good meal in the Seattle area.Scott came out of the drug culture having graduated from high school in 1971. He began using drugs his Junior year of high school, and soon began to develop a habit which ultimately led to the use of heroin.

Knowing his use was crossing the line into addiction, he left Seattle to get away from his drug buddies to find a new direction in life. He ended up at a Salvation Army Camp where he was given a job without pay for the summer; however, he was just glad to have somewhere to go which hopefully was a step in the right direction. Bill Nottle, the camp director -a man who often reached out to kids in trouble- offered Scott room and board at the camp in exchange for his labor throughout the summer of 1972.

In September of that year, Scott was depressed and wondering what he was going to do with his life. Sensing this state-of-mind, Bill invited Scott to his home for dinner. Acting on God’s direction, Bill had something in mind other than just dinner. Shortly after dinner Bill asked Scott if he would like to invite Christ to be the Lord of his life; he did. This marked the beginning of an incredible journey.

After coming to the Lord, having met the girl that he would eventually marry, he moved to Montana where she lived. It was during this time that Scott’s brother Bob died. Earlier Scott and Bob had used heroin from a shared dirty needle and each caught hepatitis. Scott’s went into remission, while Bob’s never did, and eventually led into liver cancer, taking his still young life. The good news was before Bob died Bill Nottle had the blessing of leading him to the Lord. ¬†Scott was still very young and immature in the Lord, but his brother’s death was the final shaking he needed to understand the commitment Jesus wanted of him; thus, he became sold out for Jesus.

After his brother’s funeral in Seattle, he returned to Montana and in time married Wink. The following year she gave birth to their first child. From there they moved to Spokane, Washington and then to Los Angeles, California to attend Bible College in the Salvation Army. Upon graduating, the young family moved to Boise, Idaho for a year where Scott worked as an assistant pastor. Next, they moved to The Dalles, Oregon where he pastored a Salvation Army church for four years. After The Dalles they were sent to Portland, Oregon for a year where he pastored a Salvation Army church as well as oversaw the Youth Center. His next stop was back in Spokane, Washington for one more year, after which they left the Salvation Army ministry.

In 1984, having moved back to Seattle, Pastor Scott became involved with Calvary Chapel. This led to his going on staff at Calvary Fellowship in Seattle, and eventually planting the church he now pastors. Pastor Scott and Wink have been married since 1973 and have two grown children who each love the Lord and serve in their churches.

The roads the Lord has led Scott and his family down have been many, both hard and incredible. He truly has experienced more than he ever thought possible. Remaining flexible has been the key; when someone is flexible there is no limit to how God can use them.