Calvary Kids


Due to Covid-19 Calvary Kids meet during the 11:00 am service on Sunday’s.


We want to see kids grow up having real faith in Jesus for salvation and maturing in their faith. Each week teams of volunteer teachers and worship leaders serve during the 11:00am Sunday service.


What to expect at Sunday School


During our 11:00am Sunday School, kids are divided into three separate age-appropriate classes: Nursery & Toddlers, Pre-K, Kindergarten & 1st Grade, and 2nd-4th Grades.


Nursery & Toddlers: Each week we provide babies and toddlers with safe, loving care while their parents attend the main service. We also try to meet several simple teaching goals during class time. These goals include: reading a Bible Story aloud from the Read Together Bible for Toddlers, praying together, sharing a snack, coloring a picture of the Bible Story, play and interaction, and working together to clean up the toys afterward. Parents are always welcome to stay in class with their children.


Pre-K to 4th Grade: Each week when they come to Sunday School, kids will learn about Jesus through music, activities, video, crafts, games, discussion, prayer, and more.


What to expect on Wednesday Nights


Children’s Ministry is also provided at our Midweek Service on Wednesday Nights at 7:00pm-8:30pm. Because it is a smaller gathering, all ages of children from Nursery to 4th Grade are included in one class. Each week we plan a Bible lesson, coloring and other activities, games, snacks, play time, and sometimes watch a video.




If you are planning to visit CCE – Welcome! Parents are always allowed to stay in class with their children to help them feel more comfortable as they get to know the teachers and other children. Feel free to ask the teachers any questions you may have about our Children’s Ministry.


Child Safety


Keeping kids safe is our highest priority. We do not want to over react, but we must be wise, careful, and above reproach.


Because of this, we require all volunteers who work with children to go through a detailed application process, including a background check that is updated yearly and kept on record. All of our teachers are aware of our Safety Policy, Restroom Policy, and Child Abuse Policy and are required to follow them carefully. When you drop off your children for Sunday School, you will be asked to follow our sign-in and sign-out procedures. Every time we work with children, two teachers are required to be present in the classroom at all times. If you arrive early to drop off your child for Sunday School, you may be asked to stay in the classroom for a few minutes until a second teacher arrives. We also ask that parents take their children to the restroom before class to minimize trips to the restroom during Sunday School. If you have any other questions or would like a copy of our safety policies, please contact the church office at


Volunteering in Children’s Ministry


If you have questions about the Children’s Ministry or if you would like more information about volunteering with the kids at CCE, contact our church office at